We have designed your Merlin Products

into ten levels

Merlin Module Guide

Merlin products are divided into modules for ease of use; this makes it easy for you to choose your hair type and the right products for it.

Modulel 1 - Preparing and Clearifying
Module 2 - Moisture Revival
Module 3 - Combination Hair
Module 4 - Body Support
Module 5 - Colour Secure
Module 6 - Scalp Normalizing
Module 7 - Daily Style
Module 8 - Daily Style & Finish
Module 9 - Daily Finish

Module 1 - Preparing, Balancing and Purifying Hair

Merlin Prepping Clenzer & Shampoo work within the cuticle and the cortex area for a perfectly clean palette.

Module 2 - Moisture Revival

Complete daily moisture revival for use on naturally and chemically dry hair.

Module 3 - For Combination Hair

For use on all hair types that doesn't need that extra moisture or support.

Module 4 - For Body Support

To add body and support to your hairstyle and to reconstruct damaged hair through heat or chemicals.

Module 5 - Colour Secure

Module 6 - Scalp Normalizing

To normalize and balance where dandruff and other scalp problems are present.

Module 7 - Style

Four daily styling tools.

Module 8 - Style & Finish

Eight daily style and finish tools.

Module 9 - Finish

Three finishing tools.

Merlin Professional - increase the inner memory of the hair…

Obtain perfect balance with the hair shaft - Merlin